When flying to the Czech Republic, you will probably arrive at the Václav Havel Airport in Prague (red mark on the map). To get to Pilsen, which will take you about two to three hours, you can take either a coach or a train.

From the airport, bus line nr. 100 will take you to the Bus Station Praha-Zlicin (yellow mark) where you can take the coach to Pilsen or continue by a subway (in Prague it is called the Metro) line B to the Main Train Station Prague (blue mark). Trains to Pilsen depart from there.

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In Pilsen, the coach from Prague usually stops at the Bus Station Divadlo Alfa (yellow mark on the map) and it terminates at the Main Bus Station Pilsen (red mark). The train stops at the Main Train Station Pilsen (blue mark).

Your accommodation will be provided at Safrankuv pavilon (Alej Svobody 31, 323 18 Pilsen, green mark on the map).

Convenient public transport lines in Pilsen can be found via the Pilsen City Transport Company journey planner.

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