03 November 2021

Ph. D. Positions Opening Now at the Biomedical Center, Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen, Charles University, Czech Republic. Students for the following Ph.D. study topics are sought in the doctoral study programme:

DNA damage and its repair in mitochondrial DNA, implications in cancer cell*
Tutor: Pavel Vodička

Telomere homeostasis in interaction with DNA damage response in solid carcinogenesis*
Tutor: Pavel Vodička

Genomic/chromosomal instability in relation to microenvironment in colorectal cancer*
Tutor: Ludmila Vodičková

Tumor heterogeneity in colorectal carcinogenesis*
Tutor: Veronika Vymetálková

MicroRNA profiling in hepatocellular carcinoma
Tutor: Filip Ambrozkiewicz

Immunohistochemical and transcriptional proling of dierent subregions in hepatocellular carcinoma
Tutor: Andriy Trailin

Modelling of vessel tree in porcine liver based on multi-domain CT scans*
Tutor: Miroslav Jiřík

Study of prognostic biomarkers and therapeutic targets in patients with gastrointestinal cancers
Tutor: Viktor Hlaváč

(*These topics could also be studied in Czech language)

Application deadline: November 30, 2021

More about us: www.liskalab.eu, www.biomedic-plzen.cz, www.lfp.cuni.cz

Contact: Tel: +420 377 593 467, Barbora Stachová, barbora.stachova@lfp.cuni.cz, Department of Science and Research, Charles University, Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen